This Is My Testimony

Poem By Poetic Judy Emery


It's so hard for me to focus
When my poor hear is broken
I'm just a socked down
in my own loneliness
that is taken over like an old sad song,
while my life keeps passing love by,
I see all my pains I have written down in ink
so long ago for others to read what it is I bleed,
the ruins of me I written down in poetry,
my tears hold so many years of my own fears,
while others were out shaming my name
just to keep me quite
where they could take away my fame,
of my own life time pains that others gave,
my letters I had written in my own blood stain ink
the pleasures are all mine that I write,
tomorrow will measure its own cries,
but tonight, I will write about you,
a love I will always crave
and one day love will be with me,
but until then I will stand up to all my bullies,
I will make that a part of my own profession
I will stop the in their tracks like a heart attack
and I will reach deep within my soul
just to find my greatest passion of everlasting love,
that will be my own testimony that will track down
my every word that bleed out from me
just for the entire world to read,
damage is me;
the one they call queen of darken dreams,
I set upon a dying throne
that triggers at all my feelings,
this isn't an easy scrip to put into rhyme
but it is a crime for others to take what is mine,
this is my own responsibilities of my own testing's
my haters provoked shame and blames,
that strained the mind most of the time,
they never seem to change
they are like a torn region
to contribute their malice ways,
sowing more black seeds that makes rotten roots,
they always try to misrepresent my life time talents,
I'm so very buffeted for so long
I don't know why my heart sill bleeds
lost in darken dreams.

Poetic Judy Emery © 2017 Time 5: 15 PM 017

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