KN ( / America)

This Is My World

Imagine this:
Screaming and tears,
Hurt feelings are clear,
Feeling so messed up inside.

There is no escape,
There is no way to break,
From this vicious cycle,
Of chaotic fights.

Tears lay you to sleep,
But the next day when you wake,
The chaos is gone,
A dull ache is left in fight's wake.

They all play pretend,
Act like nothing's happened.
And perhaps that alone,
Hurts the most.

And so I play along,
And pretend my heart is gone.
What else is there left to do,
When they act the way they do?

We just have to smile and laugh,
Forget the past.
That's the only way we last,
This is my world.

I wish it were my past.

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This is an awesome poem, and so true. I can relate, and I'm pretty sure others can too.