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This Is Not Meant For You
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

This Is Not Meant For You

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Hear it with a listening.
Without interrupting.
To then corrupt,
What has not been said.

This is not meant for you.
To misunderstand my point of view.
And then to yet expect my listening.
With a giving to you my undivided attention.
As if my words to you,
You would rather pick which words...
I should choose to use.

This is not meant for you.
Or others who remain thick headed and unchanged.
Chained to a fix mixture,
Of stubbornness and determined set ways.
Like holidays to celebrated.
Done to do on specific dates.
And when they go returns the attitude.
With nothing new to anticipate.
Yet the opportunity comes.
And you await just to refuse to take it.
On the familiar,
You prefer to ingest.
Expecting to get from me expressed interest.

But not too many,
Have that kind of patience left.
Kept to know,
They can expect the same to remain unchanged.
Season after season.

This is not meant for you.
Nor is your disrespect meant for me to accept.
And I won't.
Nothing in my DNA approves the ignorance,
To me you display.
Although this I must say...
What today is not yet meant for you.
Tomorrow has a way to undo the old.
And just perhaps with a 'maybe' you might allow...
That which was not meant to be misunderstood,
Listening to achieve understanding first.
Could make a difference in the words.
When they are heard to hear them understood.

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