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This Is Not My Chosen Destiny
DV ( / New York City)

This Is Not My Chosen Destiny

Poem By Denise Veras

I wanna be swept away like a grain of sand
that lies hidden in sound.

I am a restless existence of emotional screams
Feeling locked up in society’s confined scenes.

This is not my chosen destiny
but I know how it will end for me,
It ends badly.

So do I start to play my role in this life with greatness in sight
or should I live each second lost in your ruinous rules,
your fear of feeling how deep this dulcet soul can be.

I can’t let you suffocate me,
I refuse to suppress the flashes of emotions within me.

Why not live to be spiritually free,
make you feel me.

Don’t dare or think you can stop me
before this destined bad ending.

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Reading this, I wonder how you know there's a 'bad ending' destined, and that that's not some kind of self-fulfilling prophecy that can be changed.