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This Is Not My Crumbcake
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

This Is Not My Crumbcake

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

I did not place my crumbcake here!
This is not my crumbcake.
And this chair was over there.
And who took a sip of my rootbeer float mix?
No one is to leave this room...
Until I get a sniff of everyone's lips.
I do not want another slice.
When I got up to get a napkin...
Someone came over here,
To sneak a bite to eat.
Picked up my treat...
And did not care to place it back neat!
That's not nice!
That is the markings of a creep.
This is not my crumbcake.
I did not take a bite.
Nor do I have a gap between my teeth.
Don't laugh!
That was the last corner piece!
And I'm going to find which one of you trespassed.
This crumbcake was mine.
Not for someone else to sneak.
Peaking to see me leave before they leaped.
Who did this?

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Not me I swear! (Though I sunk my teeth into this write and found it delightful)