BAA (06OCT58 / Alton, IL)

This Is Only A Test!

We interupt your regularly scheduled reading for this weekly test of the Emergency Poetry Broadcast System. This website, in cooperation with the FCC and FEMA are working together to provide you with informative poetry in the event of natural disaster or public unrest. Had this been an actual emergency, a poem would appear directing you to act. Thousands of lives were saved durring Hurricane Katrina because people were warned by the following poem:

Ready Or Not, Here Comes Katrina!

A mighty wind will blow this way,
with loads of rain, the experts say.
Flee New Orleans, don't delay.
Hurry, Hurry, leave today.

The magnitude of the Katrina disaster would have been much less if only people would heed the warnings provided by poetry.
We now return you to your regularly scheduled poetry reading.

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