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This Is Our Reality
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

This Is Our Reality

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

It embraces and comforts!

'What does? '

To know I am across the street,
From where conflicts are debated...
And attracting some like treats!
While I have errands to run and complete,
Without the slightest curiosity...
To stop my feet.
I am blessed to identify a mess,
That does not affect my rest, peace or sleep!

'But this is our reality! '

I know.
I know!

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I just have to say..... the wicked genius who wrote the comment below mine just came out with the best series of insights I have ever read, and the first line made me laugh my arse off. :) t x
Unfortunately, I am not one gifted with the dispensing of imaginations. Some who have experienced life with other points of views beside their own may understand the content of what 'This Is Our Reality' conveys. People see and understand what they choose and when they are able/ready to comprehend. Our lives should be explored. With a willingness to adventure. To assist one on this journey defeats a purpose...since our perceptions take on a different meaning once our comfort zones are left behind! 'Would you explain what this poem is about? ' No.
Would you explain what this poem is about?