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This Is Our World

This is Our World
Lets keep it that way
If skies are to be blue
Why are they gray?
If people are to be friends
Why are there wars
This is Our World
Both mine and Yours
The sun, the heat, the wind, the light
Yes, this is Our World
Let’s use it right!
So, just don’t stand there and say
“What can I do? ”
Because there’s only one world
Not three or two.
This is Our World
It could be here to stay
This is Our World
Let’s keep it that way!
written by Dawn Maselli

(This is Our World: A Child’s View)

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Everything is seen better through eyes of a child. Nice. ~S.M.A.K.
An excellent poem. Indeed there is much to improve on. See my Raising Children. And. Sunrise On the Mount
lovely words powerful soul