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This Is So

Forever, it seems, I will follow
Stalk you in the night, in my sorrow
Etching broken words into my breast
Only you can fix the rest

My heart is shattered, forever gone
My life is empty. A shell, pawn
In your game of give and take
Give me lies, for my mind to break

And yet you seem to be the one in pain
Are my tears falling in vain?
Do my eyes decieve me, or is it true
That you need me, as I need you?

You lied and cheated, this is so
But there is something more you must know
My love was spiritual and true
And that you responded directly on cue...

Was suspicous, to say the least
But I did not mind taming the beast
That lingered silently within your glow
And only thrice did it ever show

You need me as a sheild
Proctetion from yourself. Only you yeild
I hide from your passion, but only because
I'd never loved like you, I never was...

The girl you see me as today
You've burned me with ice, and yet I forever stay
By your side, friend or foe
Because I'll always be there for you.
This is so.

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