This Is Something I Made Earlier

God almighty
Said ‘alrighty
I’ve got a world to make.’

God almighty
Worked twice nightly
And six days was all it did take.

And what he made was the Earth with every creature and being,
But in the present day we haven’t turned out like he’d thought he would be seeing.

Instead of the kind, the good, the caring and pures,
We’ve a race of liars, cheats, thieves and whores.

I know we are not all like that, the gracious and the good,
But most of these did nothing to prevent it and watched from where they stood.

And once there were great people like Gandhi and Luther King.
People today care not for principles and values only coveting for good looks and bling-bling.

I have a plan to change this planets fate,
To turn back the clock, to a different date.
The idea is a mass suicide; everyone, the US, England, France.
To do this and give God a second chance.

by Sam Price

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Its a nice poem you made here Sam