JTC (Jan 21,1960 / Sibu, Sarawak, Borneo East Malaysia)

This Is The Family Life

poetry in progress

one soul cuts through the universe

come light, come darkness,

the father would fend like a tiger

for its other half and young cubs

in the cave of existence

its roar could be heard in the forest

at dawn and the dead of night

it is a roar of love - for its young

it is a roar of fear - for its young

it is a roar of the uncertainty of existence

it is a roar of the courage to roar

that there will always be light stealing

through the foliage each and every day

for the little snail to see as it moves

its pad over a patch of leaves,

for the mice inching its way through

the floor of sprawling roots

from the four feet to the footless

slithering over hills and mountains

the forest exhibits the toughness of existence

with each tree standing tall - roots,

trunks, and canopies come shine or rain - -

and throws a challenge to life in the sky,

on the ground, under the ground

the lives below its green green crown

that whine, that bark, that meow, that neigh,

that howl, that croak, that moo, that hiss,

that oint, that shriek, that shrill...

the forest is a vast orchestra

that trumpets a existence

through thick and thin

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