This Is The Way You Left Me

Poem By Brianna Rollings

This is for all the times I've tried
to become something more
and for all the times I forgot
what i was living for..
i can't remember the little things
that once made me smile
or the butterflies that made me
believe in love with style
And all i've learned in life
is that goodbyes are shared
followed by a tear thats fallen
for all the times we've cared.
and i've learned that sometimes,
happy endings aren't meant to come true
and that beating hearts
sometimes turn blue
not only from feelings of sadness
but from the thought of letting go
of all the things it came to know
and all the feelings it had the chance to show.
yet there is always a change of rhythm
in the music that makes you live; ;
and you learn that what you're willing to take is nothing
compared to what you're willing to give
Such as giving a little bit of love
to scream to every broken heart
that this is the other side of life
this is what's left after falling apart.
This is the only time that we have left
before the memory fades to what we can't see.
The Time To Live Your Life; ;
yeah this is the way you left me.

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Great poem, I can feel the sadness! ! !

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