TNE (8-21-95 / Montana)

This Is To My Boiiz

I hang here with my homeboiiz at skewl wit nothing 2 do.
These boiiz and their crews
Acting like fools
We laughn while jokin.
Tokin it up we chokin.
We foolin wit each other actin like haterz.
So we messin around sayin laterz
We all know we cool tho
and everyone says so
This goes out 2 all my boiiz here on da Northern Cheyenne rez.
Much love to you guyz

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HAHA...I KNOW what its like to tok n moke well u choke lol.....but i like this poem epecially bc its 2 ur boyz which makes it all the more AWSOME ;) KEEP WRITING n8tive hope to read more poems....keep me posted when ever u write another 1 kk.... get at me when eva chic.