This Is True

Poem By jay algernon

It is standing along the cliff’s edge without fear
Knowing that there is another hand
Another hand there
Close your eyes and awake to warm sunlight
Walking along the path
Surrounded by entangling woods
It is the warmth that warms your skin
That makes your veins flow
That brings the red hue to your cheeks
Follow that path and now you are at
A table in a silent, tranquil room
Listening and as you look at the windows
You notice the colors, the beauty that is your world
But soon the table disappears and lying down you are on a hill
Listening to words of an unknown song
And for once you know that you are alive

But beware,
Beware of your sight
The misleading lights
Do not cross the path’s edge but stay on course
Until the end
For spiders’ webs you shall encounter
And when cries for help in disgust you scream
You will wish it was a dream
Then it shall come to poison your mind
And you shall soon find
That you were wrong
For what you thought
That your desires had drowned you
Before you could awake
And you will wish for what was before
Seeing that you had taken the bait
You are a fool, a puppet
The puppeteer has controlled you
Fooled you, and for all it was worth
You see, you will say
“I have passed the tree of life by”
you shall remain now in a maze
in disgust and a monotonous maze
and feeling no life or feeling at all
you will do anything to go back
even crawl
but it is hard to go back even when you cannot see
and especially when the spider drinks your soul clean.

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