This Is What I Got

yeah this is what i got
it may not be what your used to
but screw those who think they
can take what i got
when i spit what i sit it'll be hot
when committing a crime try not to get caught
cuz i dont want to spend my life in in a cell
where i'll sit and rot
i've looked and have sought out
my reason of life and she's my everything
so this is what i got if your not down with it
to bad i ain't gunna feel sad for you
cuz i'll do what i do and the same with you
i'm not gunna judge you for you
but you judge me and you gunna see
a demon unleashed screamin out
to all the judgmental people next
thing you no you'll be 6 foot under
and i'll be another number
yeah this is what i got.

by lee bredeson

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