This Is What It Chooses To Do

This World swirling...
Is ever evolving.
Spinning to release itself,
From the past.
And producing fresh new standards,
For those of us witnessing...
As passengers.
Much like a flea,
That rides for free...
The flesh of an animal.
And scratches,
To satisfy an annoying itch!

Believing what you hold onto in your hands,
Is for you to keep...
Disappears and returns to dust.
This Earth has a mindset that sustains.
And the 'us' that 'it' is...
Does not seek 'your' trust.
Nor does it tolerate the itching of your conflicts.
It will seek to get rid of it.
And do its best to provide your observations,
With warnings.
It doesn't have to do this.
This is what it chooses to do!
Regardless of the 'who' you think you are.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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