This Is What Love Is All About

Poem By Watkins Mary

love is not a game as some say, it can be a time of parish or a time to pray.
inside itself it doesnt greed, instead it grows just like a seed.
spreading its love just like a flower it doesnt kill or devour.
it is as pure as a child as a saint it cannot be mild.
it is as invisible as the color white, some think it as black as night.
it causes break ups and fights, but knowing love it has the right.
people doubt it like its cruel; love has more than just one rule.
To love as if theres no such thing, and to fly as if you need just one wing.
Giving mothers the chance to give life and it makes living as if theres no strife.
Making sisterhood as hard as rock and captures moments without a lock.
As some things live but only a day, love somehow finds its way.
Through the tears and the sorrow, love lives like theres no tomorrow.
Even love has dreams, and is still known to make a scene.
Transporting thoughts through the air, giving itself without a care.
helping fathers support their families, even in moments of mere trajedy.
from love he gets the courage to give her the ring, but to her it means everything.
love is very real, but to believe is not to feel.
if you wish to witness love, look at a mother, they teach us just to love eachother.\they care in every situation, and take pride in there creation.
to give a person a chance to love is like a angel sent from up above.

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