This Is What You Call Life

You have to take it
The way it is
You have to smell it the way you want
You do, nt have to cry, and cry again
This is the way it is
Tou can try n try n try
But you know
Deep down, what will come next
My friends n readers,
Life give you all what you want
These are my few first line wait for the rest,
I hope i will meet her again
Tomorow, n try n try to feel her tomorw
N she will sit next to me tomorow
N i will say all what i want to say tomorow
N look at her tomorow
I will try n tell her tomorow
That i am not drunk to day
I realy mean what i am sayin,
And i love you ONLY you becouse i want to love tomorow

by abid khan

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