This Isn'T A Title

o! jesus
rodentesque survival, share the confusion
dead-lust and necrophilia injections
the live bacterium, no other substitute, y'know
poison in popsicles but no one shares
epiphanies in the good deed done, but they rot untasted
the feeling of the sudden understanding, comprehending
to get it in such totality is indescribable, o! jesus
but the ultimate rewards lay ignored
the answers to horrible, dire questions unknown
one must not just be good to themselves, but that's part of it
no, that goodness must be shared and extended to others
and the epiphanical degree attained corresponds to their needs
such a small token to pay even if the reward wasn't so great
the good deed itself actually does leave you satisfied
but, too bad, a shame only one in a million'll listen up
most'll brush this off as just another subliminal ranting
and never even realize this is a last will and testament
because i never saw the blatant importance of charity
but even one eye allows sight when attention is given
and i finally caught a glimpse of the truth of it all
and i tried to tell others, but i learned my mistake in that
so i put the words down in hope it makes up for the persuasiveness i lack

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