This Isn'T Science

Why is it,
That when someone has decided...
To leave others alone and their foolishness,
Sends out a signal...
That what the person is really seeking,
Is attention.

So 'they', the 'others', have decided,
This is just a phase someone is going through...
And they will remain the fools,
They believe endears them to others.
And they do choose to stay the fools with solicitation,
That popularizes with encouragement the entire population.

'Sometimes ignorance is bliss.'

Point out one person,
That has become blissed as a benefit...
By their admission to being ignorant.
Just one.

'That is a challenge.
Especially when no one admits it.'

That's the problem!
Everyone wants to teach their method,
Of ignorance...
To discourage anyone making attempts,
To escape from it.

'So what is it you suggest we should do? '

Continue to pretend we are intelligent.
People will leave us alone.
This isn't science.
But trust me...
It works!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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