This Land Is Mine

The little tiny land of Palestine need not be such a big question,
For this land belongs to only One and it's His Eternal Possession.

The land that was given to Abraham, by much of the world is denied,
Most of the world does not know that God said, “This land is mine.”

The name Palestine is truly a misnomer, perpetrated by the deceived,
This name actually gets its roots from God's enemies the Philistines.

The Philistines were one of the peoples found in the land of Canaan,
The land God promised to Abraham, and from God to him it was handed.

Abraham patiently waited to see when The Lord his God would lead him,
Not fully relying on The Lord his God, he made a treaty at Beersheba.

The very first treaty that Israel made was with a Philistine leader,
After Abraham had died they became to Isaac nothing but an agitator.

And during the time of The Judges when Israel did evil in God's eyes,
God would give them over to the Philistines to simply be chastised.

A foreshadow of God's deliverance was seen through David and Goliath,
As David struck down the giant so will The Son of David be relied on.

The Philistines in the land today are the fly that's in the ointment,
And The Word of God has destruction as their only future appointment.

For Christ is coming back to deliver all of His people in The Land,
You only need to believe that He is Israel's Messiah to understand.

(Copyright © 05/2002)

by Bob Gotti

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what a big load of bs.