Poem By Jose Rizal

Baby soon the summer will come
Were going to race down to the sea
Let love drown us in a kiss that never quits
No beggar hands
No acquiescence to the fat cat liars
Fight the gated communities
Don’t let your neighborhood become nothing
Don’t let it become the new reservation
Don’t let their bull and flag waving deceive you
Fight these vamps for the rich
Push the shills out of the way
These right-wingers work for Dracula
Baby can you feel it in your veins
Stand by your man and fight them with me
This land is your land this land is my land

Comments about Kundiman

This a courageous poem and imparts its courage to the reader because of its purity in advocating both freedom and belonging. You express universal HOPE which means we are responsible to make it so. Only DESPAIRING PEOPLE HAVE AN EXCUSE TO GIVE UP: THEY LACK THE COURAGE OF HOPE. I don't possess your fervor, or am not possessed by it; your poem shows this in its exuberant language and utter confidence. You seem to have the potential of a leader, a point man who identifies a worthy goal and then goes about rallying people. The woman you address stands for one of those persuaded to join your goal. And so it goes.
Down to the sea! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Congrats for being selected as poem of the day..love for the land which is dissolved in the blood, beautiful
Let us hope that more people connect with the true roots of patriotism, which are planted in the substrate that nurtures us all. Reading your poem, , I feel there is no separation between caring for the land and caring for each other. You are blessed that you have a soulmate to call on, to stand by each other.
Human rights a great idea and hope and poem likes.

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