This Land Of Ours

I love this land of ours,
America, the land of the free
And the home of the brave.
She's proud, but yet humble,
Fierce in battle, but gentle in deeds.
She's tough when she needs to be,
But compassionate as circumstances call.

I feel pride nearly bursting my heart,
As the 'Star Spangled Banner' is played.
When I think of the men who gave
Their life for this land,
A tear drops from my eye,
A tear of gratitude and thanksgiving.
When 'Taps' is played, I feel the breaking
Dam in my soul.

I love this land of ours,
Thank you, precious Lord, for America!
May she always be free and
May her heart be purged from
Sin to righteousness.

by Doris Niswonger

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