This Life....

This life so blessed from being so messed.
This life so humble to endure the day to day tough resisted tumble.
This life is lovingly shared with my patient, beautiful wife.
This life is filled with Grand-kids, shared to mine.
This life is met with old tired aching bones.
This life is brought with many added taxes, to pay to thine.
This life is carried from birth to aged.
This life is gifted with mad tempered rage.
This life is dealt with many bosses unkind.
This life at times, seems will totally mix up and become unwind.
This life so tangled from start to finish...
This life will decrease after times, to sadly, finally end and diminish.
This life has ended to the grave...
No more sad times, no more happy times...
Life shan't be without Death, even death cannot be stayed or to stave.
Death may be our only last evil, unstoppable knave.

by Michael Gale

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Beautiful, lots of feeling. The last line holds so much power.