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This Life

Everything I like is either
Illegal immoral fattening or expensive
Should I be free or pensive?
This one life for living
For giving and forbidden.
Later you may say
But why, pray?
For this is the moment for just what is

It is so that fear grips
Like a bind from behind
But mind, it is an illusion imagined not real

Forward on march on lead on
Turn on the spring in your step
The sparkle in your eye the twinkle in your smile
Like children let us play!

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Like children let us play, you wrote. But unfortunately we are no longer children. And fear can sometimes be quite helpful. Why do you feel like having to decide between being free or pensive? Can'f you find a way in between? This one life for living. A big huge YES to that, from me! Besides: Have you already lived today?