MS (09/06/1977 / Jamiaca)

This Life

My life started in a rut, I had some experiences, I had some trials
I lost my self my sense of being, I lost that spark, I was lost in the dark,

My innocence stolen by trust, my heart ripped out, misguided and unsure,

How could you destroy something so pure?
I dug deep in my soul, to find a place to hide, my shame, my face, myself

A relentless pain, my bitter tears, my angry heart, but it's still my life,

As the years pass by, I met you again, though another stranger, but still a familiar pain,

I was invaded a second time, my heart, my soul, my mind.
I dug deeper in my soul, and I found her, that champion, that fighter, that phoenix in me that lived much deeper,

I had no strength to fight anymore, my head hurts, my soul was sore; I reached out for relief,

I calming touch, a guiding hand, So God sent you, it restored my faith and my belief.

My strength increased, my wisdom grew, my eyes opened wide, my heart reflect,

my words and my hearts rhythm flowed, as if from a new inlet.
I rise like the sun, my beams lighting my way, growing so much stronger every day,

To my purpose I am true, to my conviction I held steadfast, to my creation I protected,

Oh glory, oh Glory, this life I created well never be rejected.


by Moya Staten

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