This Life Called Mine

This life called mine
Is not under your shadow.
Not under your beck and call.
Not living under that,
Not living it or giving it under that.
This life called mine...
Is exactly what it is.
And not yours to say,
When I should put out.
Or when you feel the need to put in!
This life called mine...
I call it a condo.
I own all that which is inside.
And all that is outside of me...
God takes care of.
And I'm not charged a maintainance fee.
And I'm not trying to break my lease...
Or leave unexpectedly!
At least...
Give me some kind of a 50 year notice.

This life called mine.
And I've become fond,
Of Mother Nature's wholesomeness.
Fine it is,
This life of mine.
Fine it is,
The gloriousness of it.
I'd be out of my mind,
Not to fine the life I love to live...
And I thank The Divine.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (1)

You lead a life of simplicity and yet difficult to interpret cuz only you'd know the real life within and beyond you.Excellent piece Lawrence!