A Dream

Poem By Clove Beatty

I lay in my bed lost
My soul covered with frost
As I start to shiver
My soul begins to wither

The tears fall down my face
As I try to find my place
In this lonely world
All so cold

I begin to cry
As I start to try
To change my fate
For it’s not too late

The tears begin to fade
As I regret the choices I made
In my dark and gloomy past
I know this depression won’t last

So I begin to see
There is hope for me
As my soul begins to shine
For I am glad this life is mine

Comments about A Dream

There's not much I can say about this wonderful poem. This is a masterpiece. Keep on writing.
This is so beautifully expressed.
that poem is exactly me
As I see it , all three poems are sending the same basic message. I don't often see this, but I certainly hope you wrote this one last. That's because it's the best by far. Your meaning in this one had no hurdles for the reader to climb over. That's a good lesson to learn. It appears you have learned it if, as I said, this one was written last. This one is very good. I really liked it. Good luck! GW62
WOW this is really great omg you are really good at this stuff keep it up

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