This Life Is...

Poem By Temitayo Ankra

This life is wonderful
Life is beautiful
some say it's unfair
why complain when you have air
you get to feel the breeze
some cant even breathe with ease
you walk around with sticks
what say the man with no hips
You have your life to live
what say the man with no life
Life is wonderful
depends on how you view it
what you sow out of life
is what you'll reap out with time
whether good or bad, beautiful or ugly
you choose to live life smugly or snugly
life is too short to waste
too precious to be mis-used
no matter how long we use it
we still get to lose it
So make the best out of life
she would give the best you deserve
This life is most wonderful
This life is most beautiful.

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My Thougths

if there is something to behold at my non-existence,
it would be my existence.
if there is something to behold at my existence, it would be my life.
if there is something to behold at my life,

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i sit at the roof top with a piece of paper and pen thinking of what to write
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life they say, is the essence of living
living they say, is the essence of life
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Sometimes wish that I could be alone
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Still non equates what i feel deep down for you
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