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This Life Mysterious
WJ ( / San Antonio, Texas)

This Life Mysterious

This life fragile all too easily shatters.
Three tragedies I will never understand,
Crushing beauty, flowering hate, loss of innocence.

This life sorrowful breaks my heart.
Three states of being I will never comprehend,
Young cruelty, misogyny, willing victims.

This life confounding I cannot easily grasp.
Three failings I will never accept,
Love of ignorance, basking in stupidity, giving up.

And yet,

This Life lovely lives in me immortal.
Three realities I understand. We only seem to die,
Seeds grow, and God is our source.

This Life alive sings to me.
Three things I accept but cannot fully fathom.
God’s patience, God’s goodness, the divine image of man.

This Life resilient feels deeply.
Three truths I hope to manifest.
(Mercy, kindness, gentleness) ,
The human heart divine.

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Comments (8)

Great stuff, William... brilliantly crafted and powerfully stated. I don't think the ending could have been better. Well done! ! Brian
Exceptional write! There is both wisdom and beauty in abundance expressed here. This is definately a world class poem. Kindest regards, Sandra
Echo the comments below - a difficult subject to pen properly but you have done so here. Thanks
hey william, its so true and i wonder how tough it must have been for you to pen it down coz when life's llike this you are almost blank about anything and everything around you.. an indeed a splendid piece.. smiles, krishna
Wiliam, I enjoyed the structure of this piece, and its flow. I applaud your sentiments and admire your style. Sincerely, Alison
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