Imagination's Territory

Rhythmically twinkling through my mind, touching
magically, all of intellect, inspiring it.
Allowing it to flow into imagination's territory
where it suddenly expands and flows everywhere
So rapidly that at times my pen can't keep up.

by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

Comments (7)

Lovely poem showing the value and important of a gift is in this materialistic world.
Lovely poem. It shows how a small gift can bolster a relationship with a friend in the times to come. Thanks. I am tempted to translate it.
The little bag, a wonderful memento symbolizing the memory of friend as well as it's utility to keep a needle. Thanks for sharing.10 points.
We need to know more about the actual bag. Was it full of needles? Did it have a mirror on the outside? Otherwise it doesn't make much sense.
.........a wonderful poem...and true, a poet actually handmade a bag for another poet.. .that was a beautiful gesture of love and friendship ★
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