This Loneliness That Visits

Sometimes loneliness is a gift.
It allows our minds to reflect and drift.
To evaluate who it is we are.
What our wishes mean to us...
And the depth of our dreams,
When loneliness descends.

Our desire to be free of this 'entrapment'
Is encouraging!
Once it is realize 'why' we feel this way.
And 'what' the efforts are to deliver us,
From only seeing ourselves mirroring a sadness.
Knowing that a trust hidden,
Awaits to deliver gladness that arrives...
To inspire our hearts to thrive on new adventures!
This can not be who it is that we are.
A frowning face that takes a place,
Becoming too comfortable with a loneliness sitting.

It is unfamiliar,
When first viewed.
And expressed upon our faces.
Clearly not subdued.
That is why it draws all of our attention to it!
And others too.
This loneliness that visits.
Because it is allowed.
Until we walk away from it.
Freeing it from its welcome.
Leaving it as something seen...
Like a foe that pops up on the scene.
But not to be accepted with a warm embrace.
We can move away from it IF we so desire!
If we inspired a happiness within us to surface!
It can and should be replaced.
This loneliness,
We can dismiss.
To acquire a more sweetened taste...
From a life of bitterness,
An aloneness made can trace!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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