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This Love Can Never Ever Expire

This Love Can Never Ever Expire
Written by: Wilfred Charles Mellers, Saturday, November 12,2011 @ 11: 34 AM

A love like mine is hard to define
It sweetens like berries ripened on a vine
My love is hard to control
My very being I give to you, my very heart and soul

My eyes are now clear
When I close them you appear
You're in my every dream
You make me float on a mystic airstream

Your kiss brings me so much bliss
Your embrace I surely do miss
A love like mine is beyond measure
Seeing you brings so much pleasure

All I want to do is hold you
From all despairs, you I'll rescue
A happy life I've seen a preview
For you are everything I want to cling to

So much love with you I have to share
Every waking moment I want you near
Tender lover I'll be to you I swear
Never shall you ever shed another tear

Give me your love for is all I require
Passions burn a blazing wildfire
You are all I truly desire
This love can never ever expire

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