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This Man (Boy) 7/9/07
CT (July 13,1993 / Missoula, Montana)

This Man (Boy) 7/9/07

This person I met on poemhunter
Seem Quiet nice
One day he asked me out
I refused with confusion and knowing I shouldn't
So on we went talking just like friends
And then one day while we were talking
Just out of no ware he said it plainly
'Well I still luv you'
Quiet shocked and flattered I was
We began to give hearts and say luv you
And I began to achy like him
But then I started to not be sure what to think
Him liking me began to question
And then the answer came very soon while talking to his cousin
Being not sure, I asked if he really did like me like he said
She simply said, 'He said he never did...'
I felt my heart being stabbed
My hands began to shake
I was angry and so badly hurt
So badly hurt indeed
That back stabbing lier! ! !
I almost felt like I couldn't trust anyone
But to tell you the truth I am glad she told me the truth and she was there to talk to

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Atleast you finished that rubix cube. A lie is nothing more the truth all prettied up.
wow...he is an idiot...guess you learned your lesson...though...i am sorry that happened...but remember...love is a funny word...
OMG! What a stupid prick! People like that shouldnt be allowed on here. Seriously, messing with people like that..is unbelivably out of order.
wow... that Sux a lot... im sorry
jeez that kinda reminds me of my first boyfriend.... So my best friend MJ used to date him and I met him on myspace we talked alot and after a couple days he said he'd like to be my boyfriend and being the person I am I said sure. And so after a couple days he tells me he loves me and I was flattered that he would take a chance dating someone who he'd met online and hadn't ever seen before, and I was kinda like that doesn't seem really believable that some guy could fall in love with me after like three days so I told him yeah I'd date him cause like I'd never had a boyfriend before. So we started dating over the net we even had a date once but it was kind of a let down he was so shy and we could barely talk to each other. So I decided I'd break it off and when I messaged him that I wanted to break up he was all sad I actuly kinda felt sorry for the guy. But then the day after we break up he starts going out with one of my best friends! I mean that really hurt if he actualy was in love with me you'd think he would take a while to get over it. -annabell