This Man Called Paul

God, I thank you for this man we call Paul.
I thank you for the love that he shares.
For the time that he takes to care.
For his time he takes to share.
For he is always there by my side.
He is always there in my minds eye.
He calls me for no reason at all five or six times a day.
While I’m at home or away, his calls always makes my day.
He calls me while I’m asleep in my dreams so deep.
For when we are apart his calls are a speed dial away.
I love how he misses me, even though we are only ten minutes apart.
I love how he smiles, while he watches me first, when we both awake.
I love the coffee he brings me, for our morning kiss.
I love the breakfast he makes, because I’m always late.
I love how he misses me, as he is in bed before me.
I love knowing that we are a team, that’s always there for each other.
This man we call Paul is my heart, my soul, my all.
He calms my fears when life’s storms appear to ease my soul once more.
His arms are strong, as he holds my heart as he walks in the door.
For I know I’m loved, by this man we call Paul.

Dedicated to my husband

by Gloria Comingore

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