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This Man
DR ( / Philipsburg, Pennsylvania, USA)

This Man

Poem By Daisy Reiter

He came to us as a baby, just as it should be.
They laid him in a manger, a place for cattle feed,
Did the straw scratch His head, or the draft chill his bones?
I wonder, this man my Master.
Was here someone there to bless His sneeze?
Or blow His nose, and kiss His knees?
How was it when He took His first step?
This man, His son.
He proved himself worthy of respect, and trust.
They flocked to hear Him, His teachings so new.
Talking of love, forgiveness and peace, a message so bold
This man, my teacher.
On that day for a monetary, Judas chose to betray Him.
It was the plan. He could have changed the events of that day,
But chose to follow, a greater plan His way.
This man, my Savior.
Because of His love, His sacrifice
I live free from guilt, in peace from above,
A recipient of blessing beyond belief. Why me?
This man, my Redeemer.

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