This May Be Painful For You To Hear

I know this may be painful for you to hear.
But there are very few people,
With wishes and desires to comprehend your needs.

You may not believe that.
But at least take it into consideration,
Others you observe and see...
Can be counted on as not having you even as a thought,
In their minds at all.

And if you choose to put this to a test...
Go to any shopping mall, grocery store
Or sit among others in a concert!
Witness the atmosphere.
See who is digesting it.

They are there to receive what they came to get.
Do it and then to leave.
And some may or may not...
Glance at the receipt.

Here is a suggestion:
Spend a few weeks alone.
Just you and 'life'.
From that you will gain a better perspective.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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sad but true very few