This Meeting Is Adjourned

We have called this community meeting,
To ensure everyone who has gathered...
That we have finally reached an agreement,
To solve with an ending all of our problems.

It has been determined from this day forward,
That it is best if we declared each of us...
And every generation to come we have influenced,
To announce on this day...
We now have validated ourselves INSANE.
Are there any questions?

I have one.'

Your question?

'Can we celebrate our new designation with a day off? '

And how do you propose we celebrate it?

'I suggest we hold an annual vigil,
For those who died before us and did the best they could...
To keep us as 'sane' as possible.'

We will take that into consideration.
And make sure your suggestion is on the agenda,
At the next meeting.
Any other questions, suggestions or recommendations?
This meeting is adjourned.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (1)

Lawrence S Pertillar i am floored. and I enjoyed every moment of being mauled, eaten raw and alive by your poem. what an experience. Brilliant. Wow still cant imagine there is life after such an amazing death. You are indeed a superlative multidimensional poet.