This Mix Eclectic

An eclectic mix,
I bring and offer.
Something suitable...
Like a picnic surprise.

Would you like bitterness?
With a touch of laughter and suspense?
Dipped and twisted?

What about high drama?
I'll be more than glad...
To dispense with it!

How about something silly?
Like seeing hip-hop,
Performed by hillbillies?

Or a rap 'chilled' by preachers...
When a congregation is in prayer on their knees?
Ready to scream as if from bleachers,
When that preacher gives a roaring sermon to please!

These blending rhythms may not at all satisfy.
I'm not out for eye poppers...
Or jaw dropping stunts to get me by.

This mix eclectic,
Offers to bring some out
Of their mental dumps!
With a diverse taste...
For some to try!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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