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This Night....

care to see behind my eyes?
fear of all, blood sheds fall.
cuts and scars, i remember it all.

nights that never end,
streams full of tears and hate,
do we all have to be this way?

the sun shines, we act like everything is okay,
like nothing happened the night before.
till dawn breaks, and here we are...

standing, facing the wall,
remembering how we loved,
the laughter and memories..

we remember all,
every little moment,
every little fight.

night has come..
theres one more thing thats needed to be said..
i love you..

by Dislocated Heart

Comments (3)

thats a really sweet poem very sweet and i love it! excelente -curly
The dislocated heart also forgives? Read my poem 'forgiveness'... yours is beautiful and poignant.
A dislocated heart beautifully put into words nice poem love Maria