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This Old Man
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This Old Man

Poem By Lex Newman

This old man had a son
He played the game with lies and won
With a knick knack 'It's bad in Iraq
Does that really help?
That young man kills the U.S.

This young man he lied too
Said the Middle East had nukes
With a sick source 'Stay the Course'
He says 'Mission Accomplished'
That young man is conning us

This young man wasted lives
Illegal taps of phones and bribes
With an 'I hope the American people trust me.'
'There's no such thing as a legacy.'
That young man bleeds the world dry

This young man he claimed Christ
He planned out the 3rd world heist
With a 'Some call this a civil war;
I call it pure evil.'
That young man is hurting nations

This young man is a joke
Someday soon he'll dropp the yoke
With a knick knack fanny-whack
Give Cheney a gun
That young man will end his fun

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A good one.............