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This Ones For My Family
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This Ones For My Family

Poem By one tap tap

This ones for my family
People whom will never comprehend how much they mean to me
Without these shooting stars in my life
I have no ability
No clarity
No journey
No happiness or glory

These wishes that have come true
Beautiful and pure
So full of angel innocence and grace
Each and every one could never be replaced
I love them all so much they define where in this world I have a place
I want them all to know
How much I adore each passing second they grow
My love for them will never fade or go
Like sunsets every time they amaze me in there natural beautiful glow
Colour and radiance that is forever shown

You are my family and I miss you all so much
You are my family and forever I look forward for your touch
You are my family and share my make up
You are my family and I swear we will never break up
But stay strong and close
Drinking from the same cups
You are my family and for each and every one
I will never give up
In my dreams to help us rise up
For you are my family
You and you alone embody everything in my life’s eternity.

The tears that dropp from my cheek as I write
Come so naturally like stars in the night
For any time I sit and think about you all
My eyes well up and let them fall
Water from a well of emotion
Drawn to reflect my complete and utter devotion
To this love I have inside that is a natural potion
Taken from the same ocean
You are my family and I am surrendered to your hypnotism and wisdom
Your perfection in creation
The very reason my life has passion.

I love you all so much My Mother, Sisters and Brother

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.........a fabulous poem....and nicely written..