(March 1,1992 / California)

This Or That?

How can you love someone so much,
But hate them just as much at the same time?
Knowing if you could, you’d rather
Spend the rest of your life with them then without.
Though at the same time, run from them
And go to the one place that you know
That they’ll never go looking for you.
Doing just about anything to any distance
To ensure that they never go missing form your life
But at the same time want them to vanish into thin air.
Wishing that they were right next to you
But knowing that you’re better off
Never coming into contact with them again.
What to do? All these questions going through my mind
If…? But…? What…? Why…? Could of…? Should of…?
They’re all killing me. What to do? What to do?
This or that? Pros and Cons. Right or Wrongs?
Forward or Backward? Future or Past?
Which is correct? Which isn’t? How to tell? How to not?
Leave well enough alone? Never rest til I know?
I don’t know…. That’s what’s got me stuck in the middle.

July 26,2008

by Allysyn Bryant

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