This Pain

why did this have to happen
i was given the biggest test and i failed
i never thought that we'd be strugglin because of this
its still a shock to me
and i got to be the one to take responsibility
i have never loved like this before
and with you
there is just so much more
and as i sit here and cry
and the tears pour down as i type
i know that this pain im feeling won't go
i feel so low
and i can't just let it flow
i can't forget
no one will let
and every where i turn there is a reminder
but i don't need one
i have my own
i have my own bell
my own alarm that keeps going off
and every corner i turn lies the truth
and every where i go
theres you
and i remember that you would never hurt me
and neitheir would i
i would never try
i just want this pain to go
jus float
jus want it to sink
way down beneath
i just want this to be over
but everytime it gets closer
to going away
it comes back
and this pain is here 2 stay

by Shilesha Johnson

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