This Pain I Feel...

Throughout the years in my life I thought true love was easy to find,
But fate turn into a trail of heartbreak and pain,
I never thought life could be this damn hard,
Day after day I get tired of the memories coming back to me,
Thoughts of geting hurt,
Thoughts of being used,
Thoughts of feeling pain,
Thoughts that this world is laughing at me,
My feelings are so locked up now,
I feel like there is no one there that can feel the pain that I go through,
Feeling the pain physically and mentally,
Sometimes I feel like God can't put my mind at ease,
This pain makes me sick,
It's a diesase that isn't curable to me,
Trying to find that temporary rememdy to help me out,
But that never works,
I can't even focus on my main role anymore,
It just can't change,
Trying to find something out of desparation,
Leaves my heart feeling more depression,
So I must wait,
Wait until there's something better out there,
Wait until my cold heart becomes warm again...

by Geramie White

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