SG (January 12,1978 / Bluefield, WV)

This Pain You Have Caused Me

Sometimes I wonder if your Love is true.
For you never do things Like you say you will do.
I stay depressed 90 Percent of the time.
But for some reason you Think everything is just Fine.
Do you not see the Tears in my Eyes.
I know that you do So don't act Surprised.
I try to tell you how I really Feel.
But to you it's really not a big Deal.
I do things special just for You.
You say that you will do this and that, But you never Do.
Why can you not just ask me What's wrong.
But I guess it's to late it has Been to long.
You are my Husband and me your wife.
The pain that you cause me feels just like a Knife.
You have taken the Very soul of me.
So, why do you persist on doing This could you tell me please.
You will be sorry when you see what You have done.
It will be to late I will have already Gone.
For the pain you have caused Me to my heart.
Will soon have the two of us torn Apart.

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