This Pain

Place your hand upon my chest,
tell me, do you feel the emptiness?
Do you feel the pain within me,
begging to be set free?

Keeping this pain within my heart,
has taken away all hopes of a new start.
Only wondering if love is to be,
wanting this pain cast away from me.

Many years have passed,
and true love I haven't found.
Watching true love invade,
all the people around.

Maybe it couldn't find me,
for I've yet to set this pain free.
Maybe it's knocking at my heart's door,
but my eyes are blind to what stands before.

Afraid of what time may send,
afraid to let that someone in.
All this love I keep inside,
waiting for that special guy.

Will he hold the key to my heart,
will he love me from the start?
I cannot say what will come my way,
I just hope this pain will leave someday.

by Ruth warren

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