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This Person

This person and I can never be apart.
This person is half of my heart.
This person has been there beginning to the end;
this person happens to be my best friend.
This person doesn’t always let me
hear her conversations on the phone.
This person won’t let me go anywhere alone.
This person came running when she heard my calls.
This person has been there to catch all my falls.
When I’m angry this person will take a while,
just so this person can get me to smile.
If I couldn’t sleep at night this person
sacrificed her night just so this person
could hold me tight.
This person has been there to fight all my fears.
This person has been there to wipe away all my tears.
If I did something wrong and I knew it,
this person would be really ticked.
So who could this person be?
This person is my big sis!


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