This Place I Know-A Vision I Hold.

Forests shrouded in fog and mist,
Through quietness tinkling trickles flow,
Trickles increase,
Growing into streams,
That becomes rivers,
Breaking the quietness the peace,
As water thunders down water falls shear,
Over rapids near,
The water races it boils and foams,
Until the energy is spent,
Calmness is returned,
Tranquility sooths the sole,
Colors drawn,
Colors form,
Spiraling, spinning circles,
Reflections and mirrors of camouflaged colors,
Beautify, diversify, and bring intensity,
As colors merge and diversify,
This environmental scene is spectacular,
The spectrum of color –the vision is mystified,
The song of the birds echo delight,
From above and below,
Misty rain and dampness,
Makes and creates,
A rain forest,
The rain and forest givers of life and homes to wild life,
The rain forest creates the trickling tracks of water,
The rivers quench the land,
So they are blended,
This place I know,
A vision I hold,
Osceola Birdman Waters,
copy rights pending.

by Osceola Waters

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