This Pleasing Sight

The wild primrose, all its day,
Displays a sweet, sweet face,
This charmer when in full array,
Has such dignity and grace.

Seen beneath the shady hedge,
This gentle flower beams bright,
And with its friend the grassy sedge,
Reaches up to the sunshine's light.

So delicate in its loveliness,
It thrives on banks in spring,
How can this pleasing sight possess,
Such beauty so outstanding.

The wild primrose, all its day,
Shines out so fair and fine,
And as I glimpse it, on my way,
The pleasure is all mine.

by Ernestine Northover

Comments (3)

A lovely poem Ernestine (could you write otherwise?) . Beautifully flowing and such a great use of words for a great narrative.
I never cease to be amazed at what God has given us and we call them weeds! ! Around my home there is a wild carrot, and we call it Queen Anne's Lace - the most delicate large white blooms ever, tiny, tiny flowers. Thank you for reminding me of our blessings to have these 'weeds.' Scarlett
There are few that bloom so well on this site as you Ernestine*'*'*'*'*'*'*'* Each word like a sweet for the soul Nectar by design and beauty so fine Love duncan XXX